About Mama

Once upon there was a country-loving girl, who lived in the Chocolate-Box Cottage with a handsome pug, who wanted the perfect boot for her curvy calf….

And that’s really how this story started, I wanted a long boot and didn’t want to accept that they would be any less gorgeous just because I need them to be a little more curvy! And so started my little boot-making journey, which took me to Andalusia where I met artisan boot-makers who have been hand making Spanish Riding boots for nearly one hundred years.

Along the journey, Mama’s Secret Little Boutique was born and I put together a collection of beautiful boots for curvy calves, which are beautifully hand-made and proudly bear Mama’s pineapple mark. More beautiful boots and pieces will be coming to the Boutique soon… as I write the next chapter in this story, one booted step at a time.

Love Mama and Monkey x