Paris in the Spring #plasticfree

Whoop Whoop, imagine the levels of joy when I was packing for a CITY BREAK to PARIS.  Merrily de-canting shampoo and conditioner into teeny, tiny bottles, popping a lovely soap into a tin, de-canting just enough tooth tabs (solid toothpaste) into the teeniest, tiniest tin ever and even invested in two bamboo re-useable cups, excited at the thought of my first #plasticfree trip away.

After packing my bamboo toothbrush thoughts turned to how-to-look-like- you’ve-not-really-given-it-much-thought-and-you’ve-just-thrown-it-together-outfits.

Footwear dilemmas prevailed so I sought [daughter] Scarlett’s advice.


Scarlett “Paris?”.


Me  (leaps for joy) “Yes”


Scarlett “You’re wearing a striped t-shirt, right?”


Me “Mais oui’



Translation: But of course.

So I packed my three striped t-shirts, ensuring there wasn’t a minute on French soil where I was not Bretton-ed to the max. When I met Mr Gorgeous at the train station (so romantic) striped t-shirt number one was teamed with jeans, pumps and a trench coat.  He said ‘You look so French’.   I smiled knowingly.

The Eurostar was BRILLIANT! Like the golden age of travel!  A lovely on board assistant delivered food on a tray with REAL CUTLERY, REAL GLASSES, and I’m trying to recall the exact nature of it, but think it was melamine REUSEABLE crockery.  As the tray arrived, it had a PLASTIC BOTTLE of WATER on it, so we refused the water, which was swiftly removed from the tray.

Entirely patting ourselves on the back for so expertly swerving the plastic bottle, unscrewed the lid of the wine bottle and realised IT WAS PLASTIC.  On a Franglais train, on our way to France, drinking French wine…. [didn’t expect that].

The next morning in Paris, we had the most DIVINE pavement café breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and croissant.  It was so gorgeous, so French, if I’d had a notebook and could speak French, I could have been mistaken for Simone de Beavoir.

So I thought I would capture this perfect breakfast moment with a photograph.  Looked at the vignette through the lens.  And glaring at me [I’d like to say it was staring at me through the viewfinder. But despite it feeling like the Forties, Fifties and sometimes Seventies in my head…. it was actually] on the iPhone screen…a STRAW.

On the return Eurostar trip, we were not to be beaten. We swerved the PLASTIC bottle of water and also the PLASTIC bottle of wine.  And as the trolley rolled into the distance we could see a host of non-plastic drink options we hadn’t been offered.

So…. Here are my #plasticfree travel tips…. Listen carefully as I will say this only once…

  1. PREPARE (a bit like a Scout, but more like an extra from ‘Allo ‘Allo in my case).  Take all your bathroom bits and bobs decanted in teeny tiny reusable receptacles. Reusable cups, cutlery and your trusty re-usable bag in your [big] handbag at all times.
  2. EXPLAIN I’m guessing that if a café serves a little biscuit on the side of your coffee and it’s in plastic, so you don’t open it or eat it…. highly likely, despite your abstinence, that plastic wrapped biscuit is going to go in the bin.So (it was steep learning curve seeing the drinks trolley vanishing down the train) explain why you don’t want the plastic-swaddled-items.
  3. Armed with your bamboo alternatives and having explained why you don’t want the plastic items, you can refuse it. Adeptly. With aplomb.

Until next time, Paris I love you.

*Googles how to say ‘no plastic’ in French.




On 8 January 2018,  I did a #plasticfree week and that started my #threethings #plasticfree life

#1 I don’t buy anything to eat or drink in plastic

#2 I’m addressing plastic in the bathroom (and it’s rolling out throughout my home/life)

#3 Lastly I wanted to get three people to do a #plasticfreeweek with me and they did!! Wooohooo.  So I’ve changed #3 to… Get the #plasticfree message out

Lots of Love

Mama and Monkey (the #plasticfreepug)