Two months. Victory rolls and bicycles with baskets.

Two months on and the by-products of my #threethings #plasticfree read like my New Year’s resolutions for every year I can remember (and failed to implement)….

1. Shop Local. Since becoming a country girl, I’ve whimsically thought about shopping local but so far nothing had hand-slapped the convenience of stopping at the garage for a healthy tea of a bag of salad, a pot of hummus and a bottle of Pellagrino. The scarcity of #plasticfree food in supermarkets and chains means my shopping aisle is Holmfirth’s wonderful independents. And they are delightful. Who thought that the pursuit of  150grams of cheese would make an exciting outing… in a supermarket it’s a choice of a label or colour change on a plastic wedge… but when the cheese purveyor joins in with the excitement of your Rarebit Scone recipe and gives their two recommendations, what they taste like and where they are from, they turn a £1.97 purchase into an experience that could only be improved if I had a bicycle with a basket on the front propped outside their shop! As I was doing my hair in victory rolls is only seemed right to choose the Black Bomber (and it was delicious).

2. Five a day. Oh how I’ve tried to be more adventurous and not reach for the same items week in week out and then just threw the same bag of carrots, bag of sweet potatoes and a black tray of green beans in the trolley. In fact there wasn’t a recipe that Scarlett and I didn’t think that green beans were the perfect accompaniment to (and don’t get me started on the non-recyclable nature of the black plastic trays). My #plasticfree shopping experience means that I’ve stepped away from buying the usual three suspects. Romanesco Broccoli anyone? (I had to google how to cook it. Mmmmm delicious, just steamed it whole and drizzled with olive oil). Purple carrots, purple potatoes, purple sweet potatoes….who knew they used to all be purple eh? And the sweet potatoes even smell like FLOWERS!! Figs…woohoo jumped for joy when the figs were in little wooden crate. Squash (these are nude even in supermarkets so make a good swap if the potatoes are in plastic bags). And of course, Pineapples, are ALWAYS NUDE. One sits majestically in a cut glass stemmed bowl on the table for two weeks and when the leaves go a bit dry, I flambé it for breakfast. Haaazaaaaa!

3. Mindfulness. Tell me how many books I’ve bought or downloaded to my Kindle about living mindfully. Hmmmmmm and all went well for day one and day two when I woke up mediated for 15 minutes and then had a glass of hot water with lemon in it. But by day three I’d forgotten to be mindful and was filling the washing machine at the same time as eating instant porridge and reading Facebook. So last week when I was at my friend’s Sarah’s house for a coffee (we needed to wait in for her beehive composter to arrive!!) I was waxing lyrical about how I was ENJOYING the experience of SHOPPING. That I was buying less, researching, considering where I could go to find it, then taking a very informed choice and really revelling in ever step of the process, instead of just seeing it and flinging it in the shopping basket. And as I drove home from her cottage, I thought ….MINDFULNESS.

With these three #plasticfree byproducts under my belt I was feeling rather flipping pleased with myself and thought ha ha if it could get me exercising too it would be like a #plasticfree jackpot.

And then on Wednesday morning Monkey (the pug) and I went….#plogging.

4. Plogging [Jogging at a pug pace whilst collecting plastic rubbish.]. Pugs aren’t the best bread to choose if you want to walk for miles at a fast pace and our walks involve a lot of ‘team talk’…. “Come on Monkey we’re half way round a circular walk, you’ve got to carry on”…. Sometimes a little jog confuses him and he joins in. So on Wednesday I did the jog a bit stop a bit routine. Whilst he sniffed interesting fronds of grass, I grovelled in the undergrowth for plastic rubbish. We arrived home half an hour later, happy, out of breath, covered in mud and with our first pug sized haul of rubbish. I was so enthused that I went out for a pug free jog that evening. JACKPOT.

Two months ago I did a #plasticfree week and then started my #threethings #plasticfree
#1 I don’t buy anything to eat or drink in plastic
#2 I’m addressing plastic in the bathroom (and it’s rolling out throughout my home/life)
#3 Lastly I wanted to get three people to do a #plasticfreeweek with me and they did!! Wooohooo. So as I’ve achieved the last one already, I’m changing this one to… Get the #plasticfree message out (lots of exciting plans including getting a #plasticfree film on and #plasticfree easy swap messages)

If you want to shop local… I learnt the most BRILLIANT thing about HOLMFIRTH last week… the independents are OPEN ON SUNDAYS (most from 11). Ticking the CONVENIENCE box.

Lots of Love
Mama and Monkey