Week 2. Doorstep joy, graceful groceries, a moment of panic and …. rubbish

It was onwards and upwards with the first of my #threethings #plasticfree (don’t buy anything to eat or drink in plastic) and this week went very well…. managed to avoid any plastic and my groceries resemble a still-life art class.

Went to the farm shop and did a little leap of joy when I saw that figs are in a wooden crate and NO PACKAGING. Googled ‘romantic dinner for two with figs’ and threw a few shallots and a PAPER bag of ground coffee (this is open to interpretation as it has a silver lining, but definitely less waste than Nespresso pods. Sorry George) into my basket.

Went to the meat counter and said can I have bla bla bla but wrapped with no plastic. Young butcher did not blink an eye called to his friend ‘are you any good at wrapping’. Friend arrives with big piece of paper wrap and starts to do expert origami. I said “Back in the day you’d have tied that with string”. He replies “That’s what my grandad said.” Disappears into the back. Returns shortly afterwards with parcel perfectly TIED WITH STRING. Julie Andrews was singing in my head.

Next morning, on my way out to work, open the door. Heart does a big WHOOP WHOOP when I see my PINT OF MILK on the doorstep.

So I was on a total #plasticfree high until I was driving along (to get FRESH BREAD) on Friday and I had a total moment of stricken panic and flashback to dinner out with [daughter] Scarlett on Tuesday.


Constantly photographing every aspect of your life has its benefits. Flicks through photo stream. Yes there was a straw. You’d think that as my plastic consumption has been my every waking moment over the past two weeks that the straw would have made me recoil in horror. It didn’t. I didn’t even notice it. I’m going to say that Scarlett distracted me with her constant hilarity. But really it’s like the Scouts say… if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. In future will have REUSEABLE stainless steel straws in bag (thanks for the recommendation Lucy, who has bought these for her little girl who likes a straw when they’re out).

Obviously when I did my one week of #plasticfree I knew that my actual consumption of it would be higher (store cupboard items, other packaging items etc), but there was an unexpected surprise. So …I clean my cottage from top to bottom on a Thursday (ha ha who knew I was such a creature of habit!!) and on Thursdays I put the bag from the kitchen bin out into the wheelie bin.

Bear with.

Bins are one of my anathemas. So if it wasn’t worth repeating ha ha I would have blanked it from my mind!!!

So that’s one full bin bag on a Thursday.

So the first week of #plasticfree and the bin bag was about 1/10th full. So I left it. And after TWO WEEKS it was approximately 1/20th full. I sat my pug next to it.

Two weeks rubbish is LESS than the volume of a pug!

(not as much weight I must point out, he is a very ‘puggy’ 10kgs).

I’ve always recycled, so no change there. I’ve started composting (there is about a mixing bowl full after two weeks). But the change in rubbish quantity is AMAZING and in my case, easily quantifiable… (another benefit of a one person one pug household).

So there you are…. my #threethings #plasticfree are….

#1 don’t buy anything to eat or drink in plastic (Monkey is doing this too)

#2 go #plasticfree for bathroom products (body/beauty/bathroom items)…[daughter] Scarlett could tell I was a bit eeee oooooo about this so she’s forcing me to do it)

#3 ask three people to do a #plasticfree week with me in February (I think half term would be good as I’d have loved to do this with Scarlett when she was little)

If you want to address your plastic consumption anyone can do three things, it could be… no plastic bags, no plastic bottles and cups, no straws…

PS… I’m thinking an easy swap for supermarkets would be to ban plastic drink bottles from the lunchtime ‘Meal Deal’ …. I know I used to grumble about liking a can better but still have a plastic bottles BECAUSE it’s in the MEAL DEAL.