Week 3. History lessons, shouting at inanimate objects and ridiculous amounts of Bamboo straw fun.

So another week under my belt and only one teeny tiny bit of plastic on food this week (the tiny ring that sealed a jar of organic crunchy peanut butter)!

I’m now telling every shop I go into that I can’t buy food in plastic and every person I have told has said they will try and get this or that product for me… The lady fishmonger (Holmfirth Fresh Fish) is trying to find more dairy products in glass jars, she said they’ve never sold so many jars of Creme Fraiche as they did last week.. I’m hoping that’s the Rozzy-factor. Andrew (more about him later) will put rice out of a big sack into a reusable box if I drop it in, he is also looking for Arborio Rice in a cloth bag for me.

Check me out, I think I’m Nigella… little do they know that one night last week when I’d rather failed on the #plasticfree shopping mission, I ate cake decorations from the store cupboard for tea.

I’ve bought my re-useable cup-for-life now so as a former cappuccino-holic I decided to have a DRIVE-THROUGH-WOOHOO. Drove up to the metal box you tell what coffee you would like and had a total CRISIS. What if they made the coffee so quick that when I got there it was already in a SINGLE USE CUP?….

Voice : “Welcome to COSTA what can I get you today?”


Shook said cup at the Metal Box in case they can see me too.

Worked a treat. Was so happy I asked to take a photo of the barista giving me my first REUSABLE CUP DRIVE THROUGH CAPPUCINO. She wanted a photo with Monkey (the pug) but he is a bit too puggy to lift up onto a counter.

I’ve been to ANOTHER WELL KNOWN COFFEE DRIVE THROUGH today… did exactly the same thing …. “I’VE GOT MY OWN CUP”. Heaven help the first Barista to have a single use cup in his/her hand when I drive round the corner.

So… pasta…. always in plastic isn’t it? So I borrowed my friend’s pasta making machine and thought ohhhh it’ll be easy and SO MUCH FUN. Failed slightly on the ingredients but thought Strong Bread Flour would be ok (it wasn’t). Mr Gorgeous arrived and I announced “We’re making pasta together”. I’ve got a black dress and eye liner on. He said it was like the scene from Ghost (keerrrching).

But the Carry On version.

Anyway back to Andrew’s the Greengrocer… so did you know that ALL VEGETABLES were purple? I had a PURPLE SWEET POTATO and it was the most DIVINE COLOUR (think a satin suit worn by Prince and you’ve got the colour!!! It was A M A Z I N G). And it wasn’t until Someone of Orange married our Queen that vegetables were made different colours. Andrew puts down having never had a day of illness for 30 years down to purple vegetables. I said “Golly you learn something new every day”. He said “See you next week for your next lesson”.

And finally (well finally for today, can’t even tell you how many #plasticfree winning moments I’ve had this week, lots of jumps for joy) thank you Lucy for the insp on re-useable straws. I ordered mine. I thought they were stainless steel but when they arrived my fat fingers had ordered BAMBOO. Well I can’t tell you how BRILLIANT THEY ARE and they went to their first party at the weekend and HOW MUCH FUN can you have with a reusable straw. EVERYONE WANTED ONE. And more than that… [daughter] Scarlett and I clearly have something in the genes… with our straw passing ability.

This week… Ill be concentrating on being #plasticfree in the bathroom/beauty/cleaning areas.


I watched The Plastic Ocean yesterday, cried silent tears most of the way through it and couldn’t do an upbeat post about #plasticfree. It did say this though… WE THE INDIVIDUAL CAN AND HAVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Pressure supermarkets and the Government, but MOST IMPORTANTLY HALT OUR use own of SINGLE USE PLASTIC.