Week 4. Done. Coffee, banned words and the most exciting cardboard boxes ever (in Mama’s life).

Week four of #plasticfree (I don’t buy anything to eat or drink in plastic) and I had a massive FAIL. But a bit like WALT DISNEY turns out that I needed to fail to really focus! Ground Coffee… the first few weeks I bought this in a brown pack which seemed quite papery, but highly likely the interior was a plastic. As I’d not been past the farm shop I resorted to a vacuum pack thing from the Super. Makes me a bit tearful to type this, but like all good Disney films there is a happy ending.

The second of my #threethings is to try and go #plasticfree in the bathroom. Scroll up (or down…not sure) for my little video update as turns out I’ve made quite a few EASY SWAPS. I’ve also averted the loo roll WALK OF SHAME and buddied up with Cristina for loo rolls delivered in funky paper wrap and deliver to your door…. more on that here https://uk.whogivesacrap.org. If you watch the vid and think Mmmmm there is something here that we all know is in the bathroom SCENARIO and we aren’t mentioning it. Well I NEVER MENTION IT. IT’S ONE OF MY BANNED WORDS.

Along with Pants and other Words.

So … take a deep breath Rosalyn… if you want to read my blog post on feminine hygiene THINGS pm me and I’ll send it to you. The names have been changed, the rest has been told as It occurred etc etc

Anyway back to last week. My #plasticfree week caused me to have a moral dilemma which caused a hiatus in activity at Mama’s Secret Little Boutique. As a teeny tiny start up, my long term vision was to have beautiful despatch boxes designed and printed to send my handmade Spanish Riding Boots out in… but set up costs (and the thought of a teeny tiny cottage being awash with hundreds of boxes of boot boxes) meant although I’d been to see a lovely LOCAL MANUFACTURER I hadn’t taken the plunge. So a couple of weeks ago I phoned them… Me… “I’ve gone plastic free but I’ve got no budget”. Box Manufacturer (bet his eyebrows were on the ceiling)… I”ll do you a little overrun and you can come and pick them up next week”.

I went to pick them up. Box Manufacturer “What are you driving?” Me”A Mini”. He was totally AMAZED at the amount of boxes you can fit in a teeny tiny Mini.

Put one of the boxes together and WOOP WOOP never been so excited over a brown cardboard box IN MY LIFE. Mama very happy she can send out beautiful handmade boots in tissue PAPER. In a BOX. In a BOX. No plastic.

You’d think Fridays couldn’t get much better… but then I went for a cappuccino meet up at Scufflers Cafe Bar [in Holmfirth] and asked Mick if he would sell me some ground coffee and put it in my reusable box. He said… “Better than that Ros I’m just about to put an order in and they used to sell ground coffee in metal jars, I’ll get you one.” And yes, he really does know my name. Testament to the number of coffees I consume.

As I was leaving, Mick at Scufflers said.. “Bad news is they don’t do the coffee in metal jars anymore, but the good news is they’re sending me sample BIODEGRADABLE TAKE AWAY COFFEE CUPS”. To quote Mick “EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS” (I possibly jumped up and down at this point).

So the coffee trail continued. Popped into Andrew’s Greengrocers. Andrew gave me a history lesson on the mills in the Holme Valley, that you can buy suits made in Huddersfield on Saville Row again and recommended I go to Beatties for fresh coffee. A quick whip round the corner and Beatties Delicatessen & Coffee Shop DO GRIND COFFEE and I said “Will you put it in my reusable plastic container” and THEY SAID YES. And then they introduced me to the owner who said… “I’ve already decided to use DEGRADABLE cutlery when we next order, but I’ll find out if we can get DEGRADABLE coffee bags too”.

WOO HOO. Me and the two ladies behind the counter ALL jumped FOR JOY.

So there is your Disney happy ending. Coffee. In a reusable box. And now in my tiny cottage.

Lots of love Mama and Monkey

PS This week I’m going to inspect the contents of my Green Bin (and see if it should be in there)