Week six. Figs, beehives and 70s sit-coms.

Week six. Woke up, made a cafetiere of coffee, squeezed a few oranges, tootled into Holmfirth for fresh bread, ate home made spicy tomato baked eggs, popped the coffee grounds and orange skins in the composter and marvelled at my #threethingsplasticfree life ….

I’ve changed.

(Find me some dungarees and call me Barbara).

There was a knock on the door one evening last week. Opened the door and the neighbour from the top of the lane said “I’ve got your beehive”. So I walked up and indeed she did have my beehive, her son said “When we got home, Mummy said be careful as you walk in the kitchen as there is a beehive in it”. Neighbour said “I saw the postman looking a bit puzzled and stopped to ask if he needed any help. The postman said I’ve got a beehive to deliver”. Then my neighbour and her children all walked me back to my cottage with what must be the most famous beehive in Holmfirth.

And then I said – probably the most unexpected thing to come out of the last six weeks…

“It’s a composter”.

An utterly delightful composter it is too. And you can put all your (uncooked) veggie and fruit bits and bobs in it, coffee grounds, all the usual, you can even pop shredded paper in it.   It makes my heart sing when I see it.

In other news, I’m never going to be the fabulous Cheese Purveyor of Holmfirth’s best customer, as it turns out its SIX WEEKS since I was last there! But as Andrew’s had FIGS loose in a wooden crate, I needed some cheese to make a little fig aperitif. As I walked along Norridge Bottom (yes, it really is called that) I had a happy exchange with Faye who was bizarrely hanging out of an upstairs window calling my name (this really happens in Holmfirth).

Cheese Purveyor “How’s the plastic thing going”. Me “Well I thought the joy might wane but brilliant things keep happening”. Cheese Purveyor “Wait there and I’ll show you what we’ve done since you came in”… and when she came back she had wooden crates in her arms – they swapped from plastic crates after I’d been into their shop! Me “Hold on, you did this because I came in your shop?” Cheese Purveyor “Yes!”


And then literally the MOST AMAZING THING (well, a few actually)…I said I need cheese for figs, and the Cheese Purveyor got a fig, some honey and shaved off some of her suggested cheese so that I COULD TRY IT!! In and amongst, I said I’m doing a campaign where we’re going to ask Holmfirth businesses to do #threethingsplasticfree and the wonderful CHEESE PURVEYOR said WE’LL DO IT. In fact, they already have! No.1 they’ve swapped plastic crates for wooden ones (and Jackie says it actually makes her feel HAPPIER when she holds them) No.2 Jackie has phoned the waxed paper supplier and told them not to send it with plastic film in it and No.3 they’ve started buying big containers of cleaning fluids to decant into existing containers.


Utterly brilliant.

So there you have it, one day it was an idea and after a chat over the cheese counter we’ve got our first SUPPORTER of the #threethingsplasticfree Holmfirth campaign.

Millions of other brilliant things have happened this week… I’ve found a company who sell biodegradable sellotape (and lots of other recycled and degradable stationery items https://www.greenstat.co.uk). I’ve found biodegradable rubber gloves (but not yet found them without £3 delivery charge…so the hunt continues). My niece actually SENT ME A VIDEO of her BIODEGRADABLE soup container – we had a quick text exchange about what to do with it, and she was going to take it home and put it on the composter as a little experiment! I’ve ditched the make up remover and cotton wood pads for an ENJO make up pad thing AND IT WORKS. Monkey and I did a ‘rubbish audit’ in the form of ‘what’s in the bin’ …scroll up or down or whatever to see the video and I’m still looking for someone who works at a local authority type Recycling Plant as I’d like to visit.

The third of my #threethingsplasticfree was to ask three people to do a plasticfree week with me – AND IT’S NEXT WEEK! The last six weeks have shown me that it is possible to avoid single use plastic, but I’m a one person one pug household so if I fail on #plasticfree shopping I can eat Munchies for tea (this has actually happened too, yum yum) and am in the privileged position of having Holmfirth and all it’s BRILLIANT INDEPENDENT RETAILERS at the bottom of my hill! So… next week to see how it feels when you are constrained to supermarkets….I’m only going to shop in supermarkets… I’ll be armed with my cotton tote, some paper bags and reusable receptacles (tuppaware) to see if it’s do-able in supermarkets!

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on – tips and recommendations would be particularly useful this week as we’re going to put together a little excel of all the swaps we’ve done.

Lots of Love

Mama and Monkey

PS if you have a shop, café, restaurant or business in Holmfirth and would like to pledge your support of the #threethingsplasticfree Holmfirth campaign, please text, call, message, email and I’ll be in touch – we could have a little coffee and catch up and think of three easy #plasticfree swaps.